Netflix Crackdown Is Underway


The hope that Netflix was just making a token effort with restricting use of VPN and unblocking service to access other region content to appease licence holders has been, at least partially, dashed for users of the uFlix service in Australia.

Reports have also been received that some Getflix users are also having issues.

Being based in Australia, and as a user of an unblocking service, I am happy to say my access is still currently available.  However I am reluctant to specify the service I am using at this time as I am not too keen on bringing further attention to it given these recent events.

Do you still have access to overseas Netflix content?  Comment below and don’t forget Choice Australia is trying to prevent Australians from being locked out of US content.

Netflix Is Already Blocking US Content Streamed Via VPN In Australia (source: Gizmodo Australia)