The Princely Farewell Episode

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prince-2016Join your guides of geek as Trevor looks at the drop in Game of Thrones piracy in Australia and Kristian farewells another music icon, Prince.  We also have all the upcoming events and details of our next Redeeming Features cast which will happen after a break in your regular podcast schedule.

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Game Of Thrones Return Date Announced, Piracy Stories To Occur Just After

Game of Thrones Season 6 Premiere Date Announced (

April 24 will see the return of the epic Game of Thrones saga to TV screens around the world for our fantasy fixes!

This of course means come April 25 the media will explode with stories about it breaking download records around the world again.

No news yet regarding if iTunes and Google Play users will need to wait until the series has fully aired before getting access, but given how quickly the ability to download the episodes after airing on these services was shut down the first time it’s unlikely we’ll see any change on that side.

So where do you stand?

Will you be watching on one of the few available services, grabbing a season pass and binging afterwards or finding alternative ways of getting your GoT on?

Comment below.