More technical issue fun and games

Hi all.

Unbelievably we have again had a major hiccup with the latest podcast and we need to re-record it.  As such it won’t be a typical Redeeming Features cast for Hair from 1979 but I am thinking about taking a different approach since obviously Kristian and I already know each others opinions.

So the next podcast will not be up on Friday, and I am wondering whether to have another break, or go with two in one week.

What would you guys prefer?

Whoops! I guess the technical issues aren’t ironed out yet!

Wow, I just spotted a big issue with the She-Devil Redeeming Features cast on iTunes.  Turned out the wrong file was attached!

It’s all fixed up now, so if you subscribe to the podcast in it’s current form please download it again to hear our thoughts on She-Devil from 1989.

And again, sorry!

And We Are Back!

Hello world!

After much poking, prodding, panicking, pouting and perspiring our main site is back online.

Welcome to the much improved which will give us greater freedom and more control over what we can give you.

It will still take a while to get all the back episodes live on the site, but new episodes should be super reliable.

Speaking of which…  our delayed Redeeming Features Cast on She-Devil will be going out this Friday for your listening pleasure.

Thank you again for your patience, and expect to see many more improvements in the coming months.

Thanks For Your Patience

42a0c868fad26ccebf123244cf6da8b5Hi all, Trevor here.

Just a quick update on those horrid technical issues.

We are in the process of transferring everything to a shiny new server which will let us host everything on site so there will be no issues with external hosting locking down access. To be fair, I don’t think Google Drive is really meant to be used for what we have been doing!

Now here’s the catch…

This has cost us pesky monies, so if you do enjoy The Rufus Project, and have a little spare monies, please help us cover some of this extra expense. It would be much appreciated.

Regardless, we are on track to getting back up and running even if we may need to skip an episode along the way.

Thanks for your patience and we really will appreciate any help you feel you can give.

Just click on that help out link down there!!

Help out The Rufus Project

So… Suddenly Everything Has Gone Haywire

wp-1455739003865.jpgHi all, Trevor here.

You may have noticed that streaming and downloading of the podcast has stopped working here at  This is being looked into and hopefully my grandiose plans to fix this over the next few days will actually work.

If that wasn’t bad enough, there is a HUGE problem with the recording of our She-Devil Redeeming Features cast and it will unfortunately be delayed.

The good news is you can still hear the podcasts very easily.  Our podomatic page is still active and has all the latest episodes ready for you to stream or download.  This also means the iTunes feed is available so please subscribe to The Rufus Project through your favourite podcast app to hear our latest stuff!

Here’s hoping this is only a minor hiccup and we are back up sooner rather than later.