Whoops! I guess the technical issues aren’t ironed out yet!

Wow, I just spotted a big issue with the She-Devil Redeeming Features cast on iTunes.  Turned out the wrong file was attached!

It’s all fixed up now, so if you subscribe to the podcast in it’s current form please download it again to hear our thoughts on She-Devil from 1989.

And again, sorry!

We Need Your Redeeming Features!

It’s less than a week until¬†our next Redeeming Features cast and we are looking for your comments, thoughts, redeeming and irredeemable features for the 1989 movie, She Devil, starring Meryl Streep and Roseanne Barr.

Comment below, head to Twitter or Facebook or email us at therufusproject@gmail.com to share your thoughts.

Remember we also welcome any suggestions for future Redeeming Features movies.