Netflix Intends To Crackdown On Those Bypassing Regional Restrictions (UPDATED)

netflix-logoNow this is worrying news. Netflix, who have recently been pushing their global availability, has announced they will be taking steps to ensure consumers can only access the library for their location.

This means that anyone outside the US will have a smaller selection of content. I, like many other Australians, use a bypass method which allows “region hopping” to maximise my selection.

While it hasn’t been stated, this move would be at the behest of media companies wanting to set up licensing agreements for different countries to maximise profits. Of course, once an area is excluded from certain content then they will find other ways to obtain it.

Consider the most pirated TV show in history, Game of Thrones. It has very few options, and to watch it in Australia requires a very expensive Foxtel subscription. It was briefly available through iTunes and Google Play on an episode by episode basis until Foxtel got super protective and locked them out until after the seasons finish.

The upshot, big leap in piracy of GoT I’m Australia.

The moral is that Netflix has been successful in reducing piracy around the world, even though some are not using it as intended. By forcing Netflix to prevent people from region hopping media companies are taking a backward step with efforts to reduce piracy.

Just be happy people are paying to watch your stuff guys!

UPDATE:  Choice Australia has launched a campaign to keep bypassing the geoblock.

Trevor Holland

Source: Gizmodo Australia
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