Happy Birthday to…. US!

photoWow, two years…  Two years since the very first Rufus Project podcast went live!

It was such a different beast to what we have now.  There was no Redeeming Features section, a very strict format and two people trying hard, maybe just a bit too hard, to create something entertaining and informative (with a little self promotion on the side).

Right from the start, the intent to share the stuff that grabbed the attention and interest of Kristian and myself.  It took us a while to realise that, but once we did the process became more relaxed and the podcasts themselves started improving.

The biggest change form those early days has to be the Redeeming Features section, where Kristian and I watched a bad/poorly rated/controversial movie to see if we could find any redeeming features and perhaps redeem the movie itself.  From its start where I just made a list of features, a practice that ceased after I forced out a list for the abominable movie, Bloodrayne, it evolved into a quick chat with Kristian, to taking up the majority of the fortnightly podcast, to finally being its own entity late last year.

If you are game, you can check out The Launch Episode in all its over edited glory below!

The Rufus Project Episode 1: The Launch Episode

Hey, we even did a trailer for it that I am still proud of (which also kind of shows where our little mascot came from).

So cheers to The Rufus Project! Two years old, much evolved, and still evolving!

Let us know your favourite moments, and your suggestions for the next two years, in the comments below!

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