The Rufus Project Redeeming Features Cast: Hudson Hawk (1991)

Kristian and Trevor take on the challenge of redeeming Hudson Hawk from 1991.  Is it a comical crime caper about stealing classic art, or is its appeal as mysterious as Mona Lisa’s smile?

Can Bruce Willis combine action, comedy and singing?  Can Richard E Grant and Sandra Bernhard get any more over the top without actually eating the set?  Does Andie MacDowell have the funniest lines? Can this movie have any more nods to other movies?  Is this movie redeemable?

Listen on and find out!

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Want to know more about Hudson Hawk?

Hudson Hawk trailer


**Fine print**

Opening theme sampled from The Jumpin’ Jive – Van Alexander Orchestra (1939), available under public domain at The Internet Archive

Original lyrics and questionable singing by Trevor Holland

Swinging on a Star used under fair use

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