Google Delving Deeper in to Virtual Reality

dsc_0001.jpgNow that I have started dabbling in cheap VR options with Google Cardboard I am very happy to hear that Google is expanding its offerings by launching a dedicated VR division (source Gizmodo Australia)

The apps currently available are gimmicky, fiddly and somewhat buggy so to see Google putting some dedicated work into this area will hopefully mean more accessible and affordable virtual reality applications.

After all, we don’t all have US$600 to hand over for an Oculus Rift (source Gamespot)!


Trevor Holland


Despite Rampant Piracy The Movie Industry Records Record Profits

Pirates Fail to Prevent $38 Billion Box Office Record – TorrentFreak

At the end of 2015 the movie industry has made a rather substantial profit including a record breaking $11 billion profit from the North American box office.  This despite massive efforts combating the scourge of piracy that is apparently destroying the movie industry.

Just think how much bigger that figure would be without all the lobbying, campaigning, legal work etc that the industry forks out for each year despite studies revealing how file sharers are more likely to spend money on entertainment!

There is the argument that the efforts to fight piracy must be working, hence the above result, however the reduction in file sharing has largely been attributed to the growth of services like Spotify and Netflix.

Additionally the increased threat of action against file sharers, along with concerns raised by greater data retention around the world, has seen a huge boost in VPN usage allowing users to mask their identity online.  And of course, if the monitoring companies can’t detect your piracy then the stats will look better for them.

There really seems no easy answer for either side of the argument when it comes to privacy vs piracy, but I feel the increased availability of media at reasonable prices will prove more beneficial for the movie industry and the paying customer than the current heavy handed treatment being used with government and courts around the world.

What are your thoughts?


Game Of Thrones Return Date Announced, Piracy Stories To Occur Just After

Game of Thrones Season 6 Premiere Date Announced (

April 24 will see the return of the epic Game of Thrones saga to TV screens around the world for our fantasy fixes!

This of course means come April 25 the media will explode with stories about it breaking download records around the world again.

No news yet regarding if iTunes and Google Play users will need to wait until the series has fully aired before getting access, but given how quickly the ability to download the episodes after airing on these services was shut down the first time it’s unlikely we’ll see any change on that side.

So where do you stand?

Will you be watching on one of the few available services, grabbing a season pass and binging afterwards or finding alternative ways of getting your GoT on?

Comment below.


The New Rufus Project Homepage Unofficially Launched

Wow, it’s been a long time coming and (with some additional tweaking) our new home on the web is finally here!

Check out for the full podcast archive and all the upcoming geek, pop culture and cult movie news that happens to grab our attention.

Also expect regular posts by your podcast hosts Trevor and Kristian about upcoming events and other exciting announcements.

Also if you would like to get in involved then please email us at or head to our Twitter or Facebook page.

And don’t worry in you are a fan of the old homepage, we will continue to update it with the new podcasts when season 3 of The Rufus Project podcast gets underway!

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