Thanks For Your Patience

42a0c868fad26ccebf123244cf6da8b5Hi all, Trevor here.

Just a quick update on those horrid technical issues.

We are in the process of transferring everything to a shiny new server which will let us host everything on site so there will be no issues with external hosting locking down access. To be fair, I don’t think Google Drive is really meant to be used for what we have been doing!

Now here’s the catch…

This has cost us pesky monies, so if you do enjoy The Rufus Project, and have a little spare monies, please help us cover some of this extra expense. It would be much appreciated.

Regardless, we are on track to getting back up and running even if we may need to skip an episode along the way.

Thanks for your patience and we really will appreciate any help you feel you can give.

Just click on that help out link down there!!

Help out The Rufus Project

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