The Rufus Project Redeeming Features Cast: Mazes and Monsters (1982)

Download The Rufus Project Redeeming Features Cast: Mazes and Monsters (1982)

2-mazes-and-monstersKristian and Trevor take on the challenge of redeeming Mazes and Monsters from 1982, with special guest Steve Beeston joining in to give us a bit of Dungeons and Dragons expertise.  Between the three of us can we find our way through the maze of plot twists, and a very broad performance by Oscar winner Tom Hanks in his first major movie role, to the find the treasure hidden within?

Do any of the kids in this movie have normal parents?  Does the “dangerous cave system” have more that one big chamber?  Is there only one song on the soundtrack?  Can Tom Hanks shorts be any shorter in the finale?  Is this movie redeemable?

Listen on and find out!

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Dragon Friends

Smart Enough to Know Better podcast

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Want to know more about Mazes and Monsters?

**Fine print**Opening theme sampled from The Jumpin’ Jive – Van Alexander Orchestra (1939), available under public domain at The Internet ArchiveOriginal lyrics and questionable singing by Trevor HollandFriends In This World – Judith Lander (1982)

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