The Rufus Project Redeeming Features Cast: Sucker Punch (2011)

Download The Rufus Project Redeeming Features Cast: Sucker Punch (2011)

sucker-punch-movie-poster-01Kristian and Trevor take on the challenge of redeeming Sucker Punch from 2011, which was Zac Snyder’s first attempt at a movie that wasn’t an adaptation of something else!

Is this a move for suckers?  Does it make you want to punch something?  Is it magnificent or misogynistic?  Is the awesome soundtrack enough to make this movie enjoyable?  Is this movie redeemable?

Listen on and find out!

Did we miss any redeeming features?  Do you think we were too generous or unfair?  Do you have a suggestion, or a challenge, for us to take on in the future?  Then get in touch with us by either leaving a comment on the podcast pageFacebook or Twitter, or email us at

Want to know more about Sucker Punch?

**Fine print**Opening theme sampled from The Jumpin’ Jive – Van Alexander Orchestra (1939), available under public domain at The Internet Archive

Original lyrics and questionable singing by Trevor Holland

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