The DOA T&A Episode

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Join your guides of geek as we talk about a Marvel movie marathon, review Madonna’s latest album, take a look back at the DOA fighting game series then see if we can redeem the 2006 movie adaptation, DOA: Dead or Alive.  Of course we have the  geek news, upcoming events, plus a great competition.

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The important links:

News stories

Government Reportedly Drops Plans For So-Called ‘Netflix Tax’ – Gizmodo Australia

Whatever Happens, The iiNet Brand Isn’t Going Anywhere – Lifehacker Australia

UK Sci-Fi Comedy Red Dwarf Gets Not One, But Two New Seasons – Gizmodo Australia

Nerdist Movie Marathon

Important places to visit

Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer

DOA Trailer

Anywhere Theatre Festival – A Dream Play

Kylie Minogue Dance Party

Smiths Video Night

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

The New Globe Cinema

Kaliber Lounge

Bollycise – Bollywood Dance & Costume Hire

The B-52’s Video Party

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