The Where’s That Music Coming From episode

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Join your guides of geek as we revisit a classic game that was released on a not so classic system, check out Madonna… her music guys, watch Better Call Saul legally in Australia (!) and see if Jaws The Revenge is redeemable.  Of course we have the  geek news, upcoming events, plus a great competition.

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The important links:

News stories

How Australian Internet Providers Will Start Busting Users For Piracy – Lifehacker Australia

Exclusive: police insider speaks out on mandatory data retention – Download This Show

Strewth! Stan Is Producing A Wolf Creek Horror Series With John Jarrat – Lifehacker Australia

Netflix Will Probably Launch In Australia On March 1, With House Of Cards Season 3 – Gizmodo Australia

Doom Is Confirmed! Invader Zim Returns As Comic Series – The Escapist

Important places to visit

The New Globe Cinema

Kaliber Lounge

Pink Flamingos

Blues Brothers

Goonies 30th Anniversary

Friday 13th Horror

Cards 4 Sorrow

Rocky Horror

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