A YouTube Update (finally)

Greetings all.

Yep, in a super rare non-podcast update (and an even rarer YouTube update) we are thrilled to announce a new ongoing series over on the Rufus Project YouTube channel.

Please head on over and enjoy the “One Credit Challenge”.  Simply put we are playing arcade games and seeing how well we can do on just one credit.

We’ll have regular new episodes, special replay events and even guest players.  Hopefully we can even manage some live events in the near future.  Let us know if there are any games you would like to see and we will try to include them.

Check out the current playlist down below, or head directly to The Rufus Project YouTube channel for even more random stuff.

Our Return is Coming, Who Can Be Redeemed!

The Rufus Project Podcast will be back this week with out first Redeeming Features cast of 2017!

We will attempt to redeem the razzie sweeping, box office bomb, Fantastic Four from 2015 (or Fant-Four-Stic according to the poster).  We also will let you know about some changes to the podcast for season 4!

Be ready by subscribing to “The Rufus Project Podcast” via your favourite podcast app.

See you real soon!

The 2016 Irredeemable Christmas Special is Almost Here

Ho ho ho and all that stuff to all our merry listeners!  I know we left you with a bit of a tease about this years “Irredeemable Christmas Special” and I am here to rectify that for you right now.

Within the next seven days we will be giving ourselves an early present by working out the least and most redeemable movies we watched this year, before letting go and not even trying to redeem “He-Man and She-Ra – A Christmas Special”.  Want to check it out in advance?  Well it’s available to watch for free on YouTube!

If you want a taste of what you are in for, check out our previous specials on “The Star Wars Holiday Special” and “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever”.  Don’t forget to also have a look at our list of redeeming features movies we have checked out.

To be ready for this years special event bookmark our homepage, follow us on Twitter or Facebook, or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, or via our RSS feed.

More technical issue fun and games

Hi all.

Unbelievably we have again had a major hiccup with the latest podcast and we need to re-record it.  As such it won’t be a typical Redeeming Features cast for Hair from 1979 but I am thinking about taking a different approach since obviously Kristian and I already know each others opinions.

So the next podcast will not be up on Friday, and I am wondering whether to have another break, or go with two in one week.

What would you guys prefer?

Whoops! I guess the technical issues aren’t ironed out yet!

Wow, I just spotted a big issue with the She-Devil Redeeming Features cast on iTunes.  Turned out the wrong file was attached!

It’s all fixed up now, so if you subscribe to the podcast in it’s current form please download it again to hear our thoughts on She-Devil from 1989.

And again, sorry!

The Rufus Project meets B-Movies Live (epilogue)

(source anywherefest.com)

It’s time for a double celebration.  Just as we got the B-Movies Live podcast back online the very talented crew behind the show have uploaded part 2 of the excellent documentary about bringing B-Movies Live to the stage on their YouTube channel.

What makes this even more relevant is that it features excerpts from the recording of our podcast meaning you can see Kristian and me in all our glory… if you dare!

Check it out below!

And should you be in Ipswich, Queensland on Saturday you can come see the show at Studio 188.  Head to www.kristianfletcher.com for tickets.

And We Are Back!

Hello world!

After much poking, prodding, panicking, pouting and perspiring our main site is back online.

Welcome to the much improved rufusproject.com which will give us greater freedom and more control over what we can give you.

It will still take a while to get all the back episodes live on the site, but new episodes should be super reliable.

Speaking of which…  our delayed Redeeming Features Cast on She-Devil will be going out this Friday for your listening pleasure.

Thank you again for your patience, and expect to see many more improvements in the coming months.